[Address Leaf]
To the R. honorable my espetiall
good Ladye the Countess dowager
of Shrewsberye giue this./..
at Hardwick --.//=.
[Letter Text: Notes]
Most honorable Madam/ These are to desyre yor honors pardon for the last
letters I sent you, because, I made that speede with them (that they myght
giue yor hor the fyrst intelligens of the Arraignmentes) that I Could not
in so short tyme make them fytt for your honors readeing or heareing.
As I have allwaye deservedly esteemed yor honor my best Patron - so I
must now in all humiletye beseech yor hors ever gratiousnes to shew yt
selfe yow espetially to me in protecting me - In vutsafing to laye your
honors Command on my vunkell George Chaworth to stand my frend, &
speake for me to my vunkell Henerye Chaworth, for that now
he ys determined to settell his estate, he would please to favor me as
Sr George Chaworth sayd, and not take awaye the goodnes of his
will to me: but rather to mend then Cross yt (as I heare he
goeth about/ I have written to mr Timothey to informe your
honor what my vunkell Henerye meaneth to doe against me, and
whearein my vunkell George maye pleasure me, for I assure yor hono...
my vunkell Henerye was accustomed and I beleeve will yet be wholly
guided by him - therefore I must buld vppon yor honors effecting
his love for me/ -- I beseech your hor pardon this
exceeding rudenes and bouldnes in me - I doubt yt wilbe much offen=
sive, for that I knowe your hor hath many wayghtye and worthye
affayres of your owne that be over troblesome vnto yor honor: but I
beseech your honor impute this to the best, which ys that I flye vnto
your honor as to my protectress and defender - And so I beseech
God to send yor hor [deletion] freedome from all trobles, & to heape vppon
you manye yearss of Ioye and blesednes - from the Court this
13th of ffebruarye 1606

Your honors
[significant space]
most bounden

George Chaworth

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