[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Right honorable
my Singular good Lady
the Contes dowager of
Shrewsburye at hardwick
[Letter Text: Notes]
This berer my old acquayntance woll nedes have
me write to yor honor humble thankes for yor honorable
favor and bounte towards him, he protesteth that he
wold think him selfe happie if it myght be in him to doe
enny acceptable service to yr la. or enny of yors./
now good Madam for my sl self I must nedes
acknowlege my self beholding to yr la. for yor late
honorable and kynd favor, and the more that no synister
practise can wtdraw yr good opynion from me./
yor la. shall therfore evor command me, wt my prayer
to the almyghtie longer to preserve yu. at kyn
kynnolton this xj of August. 1597

/ / /
[significant space]

Yr la. most assured
to be commanded

Ro. Manners

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