[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my honorable good
frende Syre francys
walsyngham knyght
har magystyes
prencypall secretory
~ 29. December .1578
From the Countesse
of Shrewsburie
Sc: q. will answeare
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
Good mayster secretory my approuyd good frend to whome
I do yn mynd acknoleledge my selfe greatly beouldynge
the openyone you haue of my fydelyte and lyall
sarues to har magystye and frendly affeccyone you
bare me for that cause shall I dowte not so unnyte
owre myndes to gether as therby shall contenew
assuryed frenshep betweste vs. for yf ther be fown...
any subgett more faythfoull to har magystye or
more carefoull to dyscharge my bonden dewty to
my so nobyll soferyne then I. lett me neuer inioye
your frenchepe nor thynke me worthey to leue.
my lorde prononced the contentes of thartycles
you sente to thys q. who semed ^not^ so meche to myslyke
of the same as that he charged har wt them.
and not therfor well plesed wt hym. sayd she
wold not put har ansore to hys reporte for dowte
of hys adecyone but wryte har selfe at hur perell
as she hath done and that stayed my Lord
so longe becausse she kepe har bede saiynge crestolme
day euer yn affecte synce my comynge she ys
growed lene and seckely and saythe wante of
exarcyse ys brynge har yn to that w weke
statte I se no danger yn har of lyffe. and what
so euer she wrytes yn es excuse of hur selfe I
hope ther wylbe aduysed consederacyons yn beleuyng
har. and so wyssynge ^to^ you as to my deare fren...
I comende me hartely to your selfe and you to
the almyghty shefelde the xxjx of desember

your faythefoull
assuryed frend


... came hether of crestolmes euen
and lefte my letyll arbell at
Chattysworth I thanke god she
yndewred uary well wt trauell
and yt I was forsed to take longe
Iornes to be here wt my lorde afore
this day

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