[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Ryght woorshipfull
hyr louynge cosyn henry
babyngton esquyer
To Alysander Whyte
this be delivered wt
[Letter Text: Notes]
gentle cossyn babyngton aftr my vry hartye comendacions you shall
vndrstand that hauinge well ^&^ thoroughly consydred of the mattr
for wch you requered a metinge to be this weke I fynde so many thinges
towchinge the same to be consydred thatt wthowt furder knolege
throf had & a longer tyme to be aduysed thrin yt shold be in
vayne to troble the gentlemen ethr to trauell or talke throf
thrfore I desyre you furste sende me perfyght notes of thold
valwe of your landes, howe myche throf ys assygned for
Ioynture or othrweys, wc shall desende to your sone Imedyatly
aftr you, wc you will departe wth presently to your sone
wc fynes & recognysanses haue byne knowleged by your fathr
& your selfe so as I may vndrstond truly your estate
& wc shalbe your demaunde & gyue me tyme tansure
you vntyll aester next & then vppon good occasion I shall
vry gladly persade into furdr talke as I well hope to a
good ende othrweys beinge destytute of coucell for so weighti
a mattr I dare not talke furdur: thus I haue thought
good to reqre of you before you for that cause trauell
more thrin or troble the gentlemen thrwth & ^so^ wyshe you
health this xxvth of marche 1565.

Your lovynge cosyn

Elezabeth Seyntloo

whyte whear you may vnderstande by thys lettr that
my lady sentlow wold haue the vallues off the landes
and other order knowne befor the metyng off the
gentyllmen/ wc ys a thyng most nessessary I wold
haue you [deletion] to moue syr gervesse clyffton
and syr Ihon sowche nere eftr apon a further
warnynge for so moch as ye may preseme my lady
wold haue a tyme off survey wt aduyse/ and as towchynge
all hyr request I shall answer her reasonable In any wyse
cawse wt theme I may haue theme
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