[Address Leaf: Notes]
the right honorable the ~
...tesse of Shrewsburie dowger
at hardwicke
[Letter Text: Notes]
My honorable good Lady. I vnderstand from my Cosan
Ion manners, that yow ar well pleased, searche should be made
in certeine grownds of yors, for such black stone, as I stand
in present neade of for my buildings. for yor La: greate cour
teses towards me in this, I yelde yow my humble thancks,
and wth my service, I wyll requite yt, yf yt lye in
my smale power: as knoweth the almightie god. And
so I humble take my leave. ffrom the Cowrt at Rich
mond this xxvijth of ffebruarie 1595

Yor Laips at Commandmt

W Cobham

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