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To mr Wm Lacye
esquier at
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
M.r Lacye; . for ye sixtene shillings a yere, you pretend to
haue title to forth of Turvills anghton I assure my self
there is not any atall due vnto you, neyther during my
tyme hath there euer bene any payd, nor before, yt euer
I hard of/ yf you call the matter in question by law, I
shalbe redy to answere yt./ yf you hold yt the better course
to let your counsel & some of myne to talk of yt;. I
dobt not but to satisfie you thoroughly. I haue written
to one mr Baber of Bristoll on of my lerned counsell, to be
redy to mete you or any of yor counsell, vppon notyce ^giuen^ from you.
And so leauing this matter to your owne consideration I ceass
wth my herty commendacions./ from hardwyck this xjth of
March 1592./

Your louing frend./


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