To the right worshipfull Sir Julius Cecer knight Master of the requestes to the Kinges most Excellent Majesty.
Vltimo Ianuarij .1603. Elizabeth Countesse of Shrewsbury. touching her answer to the inhabitants of the forest of high Peake.
Whereas aboute the xxth of Iune last past a petition was preferred to the Kinges most excellent Majestie by Robert Allyn Hugh Needham and Iohn Wright in the behalf of themselves and others Inhabitantes in and nere the forest of the Highe Peake wherein they alledge that they ought to haue Common of pasture for theire Cattle within his Highnes seuerall demesnes of the Castle of the High Peake Called the Inner seuerall of the Champion The sayd petition: is altogether vntrue and thereby they Clayme some of his Highnes Inheritaunce to be theire owne as by a decree vnder the Duchie Seale and by my answere and my sonne William Cauendishe sent you by this bearer you may perceive. The said petitioners were presently after the delyvery of theire petition dispatched to Come to me for Answere thereof but they Came not to me vntill within this weeke at which tyme they desired rather some Composition in ground then any thinge Conteyned in theire petition./ I hartily pray your lawfull fauour for the speedie receivinge of the answere and dispatch of the matter restinge much beholdinge to you and willinge in parte to requite your trooble as this bearer vpon the dispatch of the matter will further signifie vnto you to whom I pray you geve Credytt./ And soe with my very harty Commendacions I Ceasse. ffrom Hardwicke this last day of Ianuary .1603./

your uery louing frend


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