[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Right honarable; my
very good Lady; the Cownetesse
of Shrowsbury; be theas
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
My moste honorabel good Lady; I thought it my duty to sende
to geue your honor humbel thanckes; that it would please you
to acseppte of parte of my lettel one, so that therby your honor
hath bownde bothe me and myne; if it please god to blese her
with liue; to do you seruise; For I haue allwayes founde your
honor so lyke a Mother vnto my selfe; that it made me ~
presume to geue your La: parte of my Childe; I haue reseued
frome m:r Hamond a Boule with a couer; for the whiche I
moste humbely thancke your honor in my gerles behalfe;
Thus moste humbely Crauinge pardon for this my bowldnes:
and geueinge your honor humbel thanckes for all your ~
fauors contenually bestowed apoune me; desiering no longer
to liue then I shall by all meanes sycke to deserue the same
besehinge your honor to remember my humbel duty to my
Honorable Good Lord; I most humbely take my leaue:
prainge to god for the increase of all honor and happynes
to you bothe; From Aishton the .x. of December .1578:

Your honors humbly to be
[significant space]

Elizabeth Smyth

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