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To my synguler good
ladye & mestres the ladye
elsabeth Seyntloo delyur
[Letter Text: Notes]
mastur harry wt wyllyames shall come vppe so sone as whe can
set them furthe he hathe no botes that wyll kepe owte water
so that there most be a peyre made for mr harrye abowte tewseday
he shalbe wt yow god wyllinge as tocheing mastur charles mastur
wyllyam cavendysche seythe that yf yow set hym to tydsewall
all this larning that he nowe hathe shall do hym smalle plesure
for the skolemastur that he shulde goo to wyll teche hym after
anothur sorte so that he shall for gete thes techenges wyche
he hathe had bothe at mr Iackeson teyler & wyllyames yf yow
do meane to sent mr charles to x oxford let hym not goo to
tydsewall/ mr wyllyam cavendysche had of late a letter ffrom
teyler from oxford. wherin he dyd wrytte that yf yor Ladyshype
stode nede of a skolemastr he wyll com to yow to chatteseworth
I shall staye charles for going to tydsewall tyll I knowe forthur
of yor plesure mr w candysche wyll se that he shall apleye
his boke tyll yor plesure be knowon yf mr w/ candyshe maye
be kepte were larning his he wyll be larnyd for he dothe stodye
& apleye his boke daye & nyght there ^nede^ none to call on hym
for going to his boke/ I shall sent yow all the moneye I
can gete chortely after Seynt tandrose daye yor fatte
wethurs are not yet solde it is not tym to syll them as yet
yor lambes are not solde/ wyne is allwayes dere at london
I do perseue/ the pavyer hathe nomore to do here but that pese
before the garden dore then he dothe goo the ense to master
Sotton he most pave wt hym as I here
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I thought I shulde a Receuyd no letter ffrom yor ladyshippe
this wyck it was xj of the clocke of weseday or the
caryer cam wt it to chatteseworth/ so that I had wrytton &
sent my letter before yors cam/ I haue sent yow herein
closyd lyttones letter wyche cam to me after I Receuyd yor
letter yor geyne of the forest wyll com [deletion] moche aftur
my seyings as yow shall perceue by lyttones letter lytton wt
others wyll take it of yow as yow maye perceue by his
lettur/ take yor advysement in that behalf for sure it is
the thynge vnmete for you as cryst knowyth who prserue yor
ladyshippe in helyth ffrom chatteseworth the xxth of november

by yor obedyent seruant

Iamys Crompe//

yow had nede to haue sir Rychard here seing that marchaton
is not here//

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