Too the Ryght worchoupfull my vary frende Syr Iohen thynne knyghte
my Lady Cav[endish] vltimo marcij
Syr I shall pray you to acsepe theys fewe. lynes for that I haue no tyme to wryte at lenghte mayster hyde cane declare unto you of all oure prosedynges here. I thanke hym he hathe taken meche payne to brynge my dysordered thynges yn to some good order I shall by hys meanes be habyll so to youse my tanantes. as I trouste. they. shall not meche desaue me. I wolde I coulde parswade you that your neryste waye to london. were to come by Chattysworth or elles. that you wolde chouse thys tyme to go se your lande yn yourke shyre. yf any ocasyon myght brenge you hether so that yt were not yll to you. I wolde be uary glade of yet. and so wyssynge unto you yn all thynges as to my selfe I wyll sease troblynge you with my crebelynge frome my poore howse at Chattysworthe the laste of marche

yours as I am many wayes bowden

E Cauendyssh

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