To my very Loving frend Master Bagott Sheriff of Staffordshyer
Good Master Bagott. Wheras one wedow Bagshaw of wetton detaineth contrary to right a farme in the same towne/ and will not by eny resonable meane be avoyded/ I am bould of small acquantancye ernestly to crave your favor/ that yow will cawse a privy Sessions to be, for the better avoyding of her yt towcheth my very neere frend, whose case I accomt as my owne/ therfore your gentle and frendly dealing shall bynd me to be as redy to shew yow or eny frend of yours what pleasure I may as eny frend yow have. and I pray yow make that accomt. Thus trusting of your favor and furtherance, and that yow will creditt this bearer/ with most harty commendacions I bid yow farewell. Sheffield the xiiijth of Aprell

Your very Loving frend.


thys womane hathe yoused har selfe vary dysorderly and wyll yelde to no resoune as my saruante thys barare cane declare vnto you therfor I ones agene I prey hartely grante me all your fauorabyll forderance and you shall fynde me neuer onmyndfall to requyat you

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