[Address Leaf]
To my Lady
at Hardwyck
[Letter Text: Notes]
My humble dewtie prsented to yor
La.p &c/ I trust in god to
wayt on yor La.p very shortly wch
of long I haue desired to doe
yt is thought the parlemt ~
will end of Saterday, & wthin
three or iiij dayes aftr I mean
to sett out of towne./ his Matie
iiij dayes since hath bene moved
by my La. Arbell for me./
who promiseth as afore at the
next call wch is thought wil...
at michelmas terme at the
next session of parlemt./
I haue no further to aduertise yor
La.p then I haue alredy./
And so wth my dayly prayer
to ye Almightie to graunt yor
La.p long & happy lyfe wth all
honor & comfert I most humbly
ceass most humbly beseching yor
La.ps dayly blessing. ffrom London
this wedensday the iiijth of Iuly

Yor Ladyships
[significant space]
most humble &
most bound sonn

W. Cauendysshe

The Erle of Penbreks mariag
is diffirred for iij moneths. stayed
by great persons, as I credibly here./

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