[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the contesses his letter of
the 25th of Septemb 1595.
[Letter Text]
Right honorable/ I doe not knowe howe yr Lapp: hathe bene
enformed by yr officrs, of the valew of those Lopps wch
they have taken surwaye of. and of the abylitie of the man
to whom I especiallie committed yt service in truste: or of.
my owne inclynation bothe for the sale of them, and ^in^ yeeldinge vnto
^yr^ ho: the refusall of them before all others/ But what reporte soever.
or estimat they have delivered vnto yw, this farre of my poore ~
credit I will assure yw. yt they doe either make a verie vnequall
rate of. these landes, or els they are meerly ignourant of the worth
of dunsby, for neyther in contynent of land, meade, pasture, ore
woodes yt dothe come neere yt, by 4000 ^3000^ acres at the least, nor is
of equall valew, by 6000li I dare warrant yw. ffor my man yf
he made any offence, yt ys vnexcusable, for I knowe him able &
well armed for yt purpos, & to yt ende I did only appointe him.
ffor my self and my owne resolution I best knowe, & therefore yf they
have made any other report of me, then ywr Lapp ys privie
vnto by my self, they have done me great wronnge, for I remaine
the same man and of the same mynd still irremovable, yf yt
will please yr ho: to accepte of yt. Although there have ^bene^
& be ^[deletion]^ verie great persons and men of good accoumpt and abylitye
yt are verie importenat suters for the prferment of them &
I have refused verie great offers of divrs & I am sorie to
saie yt wch I may Iustly protest, that there is ^not^ the like quanty
ty of land of the like commoditie and goodnes, by any on man
subiect in England ^in Nottes Sheere^ to be sould at this daie wch yf yt would
please ^yr^ ho: to accept in morgage beinge at the least the treble
valewe of the money, I should take my self muche bound:
for by yt meanes, I should be well able to paie my debtes
and performe my wief a Ionyter in Convenient tyme.
wch by meanes of that Covenant ^wch^ Percivall hathe Conyngly
tyed me vnto ^in Mr Sutton. &^ in my La: Arbella there assurannces, I shalbe driven
to great extreamyties to effect. I doe not thinke there can be
a more honorable parte then to delyvr me my dewe wch in equity
and conscience I may require, and to ryght him yt is vnnatu
rallie wronnged by those of whom he hathe best deserved as yr
Lapp is not ignorant of. Good madam yeeld me soe muche fav.r
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at the least as to grant me a coppie of the assurance, or at ^a note^
the least of suche covenanntes as doe imparte me. yt my reposed.
trust in them (wch made me secure) be not the cause of
my overthrow, ffor the wch yr Lapp I hope will not be made
the instrumennt, Especiallie beinge yr poore kinsman yt hathe
ever honored yw. & on yt will endevr iustlie & kindly to repay
all yr dewes and desertes wch I have receaved from yw in
as readie and full measure as I shalbe any waie able to discharge
it And thus relyinge my self of yr ho: refuge & patronage
as vpon the suer ancor & harbor of my hoped good, wishinge to
yr ho: the prorogation of many happie yeare, and a fortunat accesse
of deserved honor I humbly take my leave Wollaton
this xxvjth of September/ 1595.

To the Right ho: my verie good
La: the countesse of Shreusburie
these be delivered

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