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Mary Queen
of Scotts Letter
Copy of an original
Letter of Mary Queen
of Scotland in the
possession of Robert
Austen Esq . r
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For the Carlton House Magazine
A letter of Mary Queen of Scots to the Countess of
never before printed

My noune good ladi, I send this berer to you,
to know off my good lord and frinde weil doing,
as to impart to you both such neues as I haiff,
me lord of Mara, and feyve or seix particular men
for particularites, are bound to all extremity aguenst
me and myn; and plenlie be oune off his men
quholey yersternicht, at Doncartel, refuses the quin
plenli, and her consell off ani agriment: and,
be meaner the think to have in courte, thinkes
to so persuad the quin, that sche schal seem
angri in wourdes, but indeid been with thaym.
Shewing that be my servand Thomas Fleming
has send one off my servands at nicht, to adver.
tise me lord off Rosse. I believe many will mislyk
Morrays double dealling, til I hear wither his
persuasions, or promis off the quin to defeate ^me,^
fals pleece, I kan see no man./.or I heer I schal
advertise you. I am to send Bog. a. bow. I prey
you send me a commission off me lords: and wourd
off your weil doing both. I go tomorrow to
Ser Ion Souche. I prey god to preserve you
both long the guever in long and happi liff.
This teusday afternone in hest.

Your most assured good frind and

Marie R ~

(Directed thus)
To me ledi my veri good
frind and cusingnes the contes
off Schreousberi.

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