[Letter Text]
Madam., I must hombley carue par=
=don of yor la:p for defering so loing
the presinting my duty, wch I had
loing seinces done if my lo: accasion=
=es would haue permitted him ^to haue attinded yu^ wch
hee and I (booth) has much dessired
but sinces it is not yin good fortuny
to wayte of your la:p att this time,
I beseeche you to geue me leue leaue
by these lines to make knowne to yr
la:p that you haue no child that
can more cencerely and affectionatly
strife to serui you then my selfe
who will euer remayne

your La:ps most
obbedint and

Arundell §

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