[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the right honorable and my
most reuerenced Lady the
countes of shrewsbery
att hardwick
[Letter Text: Notes]
good madame hauinge no
betar menes to manifast mi thanckefolnes to youer
onar bot bi thes lines i umbli pra your ladiship to axsept
them and ine theme mi reuerant thanckes for youer
onares mani ande gret fauoueres and amonest the rest that
it plesed youer onar to lende ^me^ youer ladishipes litar whiche
bot for that i thincke i sholde hardeli ^haue^ ataned the ende ofmi
gurni so dangouroues was the weonhores --------
bot i beseche youer [deletion]^onar^ to be leueme that i holde mi selfe somoche
bouende to youer ladiship as i wil euar inde uar to deserue
bi mi duti and afeckesinat [deletion] serues to youer ladiship
thos prainge youronar maliue mani hapi yeres withehelthe
i umbli tacke leue -
[significant space]

your onares daftar
most bondane
[significant space]

Elizabeth cauendishe

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