[Address Leaf: Notes]
to my Lady///
[Letter Text: Notes]
my most humble duty done vnto your honour wt
lyke desire of your blesinge vnto mr pierrepont and
me and our cheldren/ I haue sent vnto your hon
honoure a peece of lawne and a drinckinge glasse
as a remembrance of my intyre louynge dutie/ wt
most hartie wishe of manye happye newe yeares
vnto your honoure then the wiche no yearthlye thinge
can be more to my comforthe for I am soe muche and
many wayse bounde vnto you as none can be more
and so neare vnto you as none can be nearar that
your longe and most happpy lyfe is the graytest
ioye in the wich I besecche the allmyghtye to
grannte yow wt all the rest of his best blessinges
and so I humble tak my leue from holme thes
[significant space]

your Ladyships humble and
dutiful dautter
[significant space]

F pierrepont/

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