[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my loveng wyff att
chatesworth yeve thys
wyth spede./
[Letter Text: Notes]
my honest swete chatesworth I lyke the ^wekelye^ pryce off my hyf
hyred cowrte stvff so evyll thatt apon thvrdsdaye nextt I wyll
send ytt home agayne att whyche daye the weke endyth
I praye yow cawse soche stvff as mowsall left packt in a schete
to be browght hythar by the nextt caryar there be hand
towels and other thyngs therein thatt I mvst occvpye when
I ^schall lye^ att whyte hawll schall lye my men hath neyther schvrtt
nor eynye other thyng to schyft them vntyll thatt cvm./ trust
^trust^ noen off yowre men to d ryde eynye yowre howsyd horsys bvtt
onelye Ihames cromp or Wyllyam marchyngton bvtt neyther
off them wythowte good o cawse serve spedelye to be doen
for nags ther be enow abowte the howse to serve other
pvrposys./ one handfvll off otes to everye one off the geldyngs
att a wateryng wylbe svffysyent so they be not laboryd
yow mvst cawse svm to overse the horskepar for thatt
he ys verye well learnyd in loyteryng./ the qvene hath
fownde greatt fawt wyth my long absens sayeng sche
wolde talck wyth me farder and [deletion] thatt
sche wolde well chyde me therevnto I anseryd
thatt when her hyghnes vnderstode the trawth and the
cawse sche wolde nott be offendyd wherevnto sche sayed
verye well ... very well howbeytt had ^hand^ off hers dyd
I nott kysse./ the lorde kepar hath promysed me fayth
fvllye to be att boeth dayes heryng and that yff eyther
lawe or consyens be on my syde I schall have ytt to my
contentasyon./ Vawghan ys cvm vnto towne bvtt not yett
bagott./ stevyns and we schall go thoro on frydaye nextt
at whyche tyme hys brothar wylbe here who hath dysbvrsed
sevyn hvnderyed off the xij. hvnderyed pownds./ I
have had extreme payne in my teeth sythens sondaye
dynar./ thvs wyth akeng teeth I ^end^ prayng the lyveng
[page break]
to preserve the and all thyen [deletion] ^wrytan att^ london ageynst
my wyll my yff where I my yff other wayes owre mattars
myght well be endyd [deletion] thys xxiiijth off

yowr [deletion] ^loveng hvsband^ wyth akeng hartt vntyll
we mete

Wyllyam Seyntlo/

yff yow thynck good lease
yowre fysschyng in dove vnto
agard we ar the losers by
svfferyng hytt as we have doen./

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