[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lady:

At Hardwicke
[Letter Text: Notes]
In most humble wyse. &/ my Lo: of Sh:
and my sister menethe to wayt of your Lap:
to morrowe at nyght I coulde not sartaynly
advertice your Lap: befor because they wear
not resolved of the day before ^sartayn^ but thought
to have stayde longer by the way; and
they meane to stay one day at least wt your
Lap: all are comme hither very well:/
So wt my Lady prayer for your Lap: prosperous
estatt I humbly cease, humbly beseching
your Lap: dayly blesinge to me and my boyes
Lecester this weddensday morninge

your Lap: most humble
and obedient sonne./
[significant space]

Cha: Cavendysshe:/

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