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My dere none I wyll send you yor horses this
nyght to cum to me to morow for that I thynke it
longe tyll you cum/ Ihone knyfton is came yestardaye
& brenges me papares & no money/ here hath bene
byrk kyrkle the Resevares man for yor Rentes of shottell
& posterne & sath he was y wt you & you called
him knave/ & As it happenyed yestarnyght late
cam helow & be chaunse brought me xlli so
have I payd the knave yor Rent & Resevyd
watson svnes aquyttans whettar that be good
orr no conf wtoute the confyrmasyon of his
fathares hands & sele therein I doute/ helow hathe
brought you no money but that you must
be dreven to shewe for it & so must I for my iicli
I shuld now have Resevyd whych hyndares
me nott Alyttell in lyenge of my provysyon
for my house I yett how so evare I doo I
woldbe lothe shottell sholdbe forfeted for so smale
Asum & I wyll have bed it done & p spoken
to helow to gett it in sute & I wyll lend you the
xliijli tyll I pr paye you more money of the
CCli I promesed to gyve you/ your plat I perseve is nott cum doune Acordenge to yor promes/ this house
is gretly trobled wt the mesells &/ bela & the Rest
of the cheldren & sundry old folkes of the sodyares
but there is no dangar in them if they kepe warome
fare well my only Ioye my collyke is grevus wt
me styll be Reson I clepe nott well & of my
[deletion] costymures I Ryde dayly Abrode [deletion]
x myles At the lest & fyndes no grefe &

Yor fethefull

G Shrewsbury

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