[Address Leaf]
To my wyfe the countes
of Shrewsbury
[Letter Text: Notes]
My none where you lefte bylles behynd you
that yor cystar cent to you for Iron At my
smethes go I consydar if I shuld cend
you Iron from thens I shuld lues All my
costemares/ & therefor I praye you if you nede cend
to my hamar for there I wyll take none for
no vse because I wyll see what it cum vnto/ for
if my gene be no grettarr than it hath bene
I wyll putt doune my smethes there/ & for
otes you wryte for sede I have spoken wt sir henry
fryth ho tells me there wylbe xij quartares otes &
^dregge^ at brasengton/ & ... viij quartares he shall provyd
for you to make vppe xx quarters/ I have cent you
by sir henry fryth tenne pounde to make it vpp
xxxli/ this lade hathe bene syke cynse you wente
& kepes mych hur bedd this daye is sumwhat bettar
I have cent you sych lettares as I Resevyd yestardaye
from gylbard wych is All the nues as yett I
Resevyd/ I have bene to bold wt herenge wych hath
made me syke All nyght but now I thanke god
metely well/ & so fare well my only Ioye this
mondaye mornynge

Yor fethefull husband

G Shrewsbury

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