[Address Leaf]
To my Lady
[Letter Text: Notes]
Our bounden duty moste humblie Remembred/ In lyke
humblenes we render yor La: thankes for yor lytter
/the laste/ tho the leste of yor Infinite goodnesses
towardes vs & ours/ We are safely comme
hither to dunstable (we thanke god) this Shrofe
munday at nyghte/ And now for yt the fowle ways is
paste/ we thynke beste to returne yor La: lytter
agen from hence./ Suche newes as on the
^Queenes^ hye wayes we have mett wth/ yor La: shall now
vnderstand/ fyrste that her ma:tie (royally in
person) was at the parlamt house/ the fyrste day
of this parlamt where Sr Iante Snagge was
admytted for the Speker of the nether house/
My Lorde of Darby is Lord Steward duringe
this cession/ That yesterday one tolde a man
of myne/ that as yet nothynge of any moment
hathe bene touched in the nether house ~
nether any expectacion yt any gret matters
wilbe handeled/ but yt it will shortely ende/
That the a day or two before the parlam:t
began/ the L.d chans:r the L:d Theasurer wth j or
ij more of her the pivy counsell/ and mr
Auturnea, & mr Solicitor, were wth therle of
Arundell in the Towre, Synce wch tyme ther
hathe bene lyttell ^no suche^ speche of his araynem:t
as ther was before/ This is all the Queenes
hye wayes hathe afforded vs of newes/ Yet
further we here that all yor Ladishyps above
are very well./ ^And^ Thus in haste, moste humblie
besechinge yor La: blessinge to vs & all ours/ who
pray evermore to the moste hieste to spedely to
graunte vnto yor La: all contentm:tes ^wth longe lyffe^ we humblye
seace/ tyll our nexte lettres/ wch shall not be longe

Yor La: moste humble
& obedient lovinge chyldren
[significant space]

Gilb: Talbott

Mary Talbott

We haue desired your la: leter men to bringe
a lettre to your la: from beskewod wher mrs.
markhames ernest intrety mad vs to leue
her tell the returne ther of I besech the
all mighty to send your la: my la: Arbell
and the rest of your la:s a most hapi long life

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