[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the righte honorable
my verie good Ladie the
Countesse of Shrewsburie
[Letter Text: Notes]
Righte honorable and my verie good Ladie. I haue
according to the purporte of yor honoble letters presented
yor La.ps newe yeres gifte togeather wth my Ladie
Arbellas to the Queenes Matie whoe hathe verie
graciously accepted thereof and takeing an especiall
likeing to that of my La Arbellas; it pleased her
Matie to tell mee that whereas in certaine former
letters of yor Laps yor desire was that her Matie
would have that respecte th of my La: Arbella
that she mighte be carefullie bestowed to her Maties
good likeing that according to the contente of those
letters her Matie ^tould mee that she^ would be Carefull of her and
wthall hathe retorned a token to my La: Arbella
wch is not so good as I Could wish it nor so
good as her Lap deserveth in respecte of the
rarenes of that wche she sente vnto her Matie
But I beseeche you good Maddam seing it pleased
her Matie to saie so muche vnto ^mee^ touching her Care
of my La: Arbella that yor Lap will vouchesafe mee
so muche fauor as to keepe it to yor selfe not m
making anie other acquainted wth it but rather
repose the truste in mee. for to take my opportunitie
for the putting her Matie in mynde thereof wch
I will doe as Carefullie as I Cann. And thus
being alwaies bownd to yor Lap for yor honoble
kindenesses towardes ^mee^ I humbly Committ yor Lap to
the safe protection of Almightie god. ffrom ~
Westminster this xiijth of Ianuarie 1600

Yor Lap moste bownden

Dorothie Stafford §

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