[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the ryght honorable and
my asurred good lady and moother
the Countes of Shrowsbery./
[Letter Text: Notes]
Good madame, I am to craue pardon of you for not wryteinge by my lordes
man Harry Grace, the causse I wylled hym to declare to your La. whych
was the extremty that my syster of Pembroke was In, at that tyme
whych hath contenued tell theursdaye Laste, sethensse that daye she
hath ben out of her soundynge, but not able to stand or gooe, or her
greatest gryf Is nowe want of slepe, and not able to away wyth the
syght of meat, but consederynge her estat befor, we ^thynke^ our selfes hapy of thys
change, hopenng that better wyll followe shortely, the Quynes Ma:ty hath
ben here wyth her tywss, very latt both tymes, and last tyme, yt was
x of the cloke at nyght or ever her Maty whent hensse, being so great
a myste, as ther were dyueres of the barges and Boottes that wayted
of her loste ther wayes, and landed In wronge plases, but thankes be to
god her Ma:ty came well home wythout colde [deletion] or feare, for the holdyng
of the Prograce, I am ssure your La: hereth for my part I can wryt noe
sertaynte, but as I am In all other matteres, as I haue alwayes professed
and as dewtye doth bynd me, ready at your La: comandement, and In
any thynge I maye showe yt ether at thys tyme, or when occassyon seruet...
yf I be not not as wyllynge therto as any chylde of your owne, then lett
me be condemened accordynge to my desertes, otherwyss I humbly craue
your La: good openyon of me not to decreasse, rememberynge your La:
comandement here to for to wryt to you as often as I coulde, whych
nowe In thys plase I shall haue better meanes then I haue had In
the country, and ther vpon pressumyng, to lengthen my letter vpon
any occassyon, although I count thys of my syster very evell newes yet
consederynge, her recouery, I hope my longe scryblynge, wyll the lesse
trouble your La: and so wyth my moste humble dewty to my Lorde and your
La: I humbly th take my leue From Baynardes Castell the viijth of
Maye: §

your La: assured loueing
daughter to comande

Anne Talbott

My styster of Pembroke hath wylled me
to remember her humble dewty to my lorde
and you, wyth desyre of hys dayly blessynge
assoune as she Is able she wyll dowe yt her selfe/.

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