To my Ladey
May yt pleace your honor my lord ys very quiet and reasonably well but can not so contynew for he spends ye moste parte of the daye in his concell chamber abowte George Savels landes withowt fyre, I thinke hys lordship myndes your honour shall abyde at Chatsworth tyll nere chrystmas but that I lyke not yf I myght be hard, yestreday sir Valentyne browne wrete to my lord aduertysmentes frome barwyk which he neuer dyd befor all hys mater was of delyveranse of some prisoners that at takynge of edynboroughe castle were comytted and that the great lordes of Scotland meant to lye at Scarborowe thys wynter and there was great provyssyon and assembly as thoughe therin were some cause for my lord ye rather to respect the safetie of hys charge, ether hys so wrytyng was for that some dowbt vppon thys occasion wilbe made of hyr safety here and therfor hyr remove more sowtherly shall Imedyatly be thought mete or els they hard of my lord’s sycknes and gave thys occasion tunderstand therof the troth for hys vnwoonted aduertyssmentes hath no playne meanynge as after ys lyke to apere, god kepe your honour well 7th nouembr.

your honour's humble and most bownden seruant

Tho. Knyvets

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