To the Right honorable Sir Robert Cicill Knight principall Secretarie to hir Majestie/
xxj: February 1602 Countess of Shreusbury dowager to my Master
Sir I must beseech you to beare with my often troubling you./ since my late letters to you, Arbell hath ben very sick with extream payne of hir side which she never had before, so as I was in great feare of hir./ she hath had a docter of phisick with her for a fortnight togather, and inforced to take much phisick this vnseasonable time, but findes little ease./ I see hir minde is the cause of all./ she sayth that yf she might speake with Sir Henry Brounker or some other sent from hir Majestie she should be well; for that she hath a great desire to satisfie hir Majestie in all matters, whose gratious favor, and good opynion, she desireth above all earthly thinges./ Good Master Secretarie, my most earnest suit is that it will please you to be a mean to hir Sacred Majestie for the speedie sending downe of Sir Henry Brounker or some other, to whome Arbell is desirous to declare sondry thinges which she sayth she will vtter to none, but one sent by hir Majestie./ The Almightie ever prosper hir Majestie with the Contynuaunce of his great blessinges./ And so desiring you good Master Secretarie to holde me excused for importuning you in this sorte, I will take my leave, praying god to graunt you all honor and happines./ ffrom Hardwick this xxjth of february .1602./

your assured frend most bound


Arbell is so wilfully bent that she hath made a vowe not to eat or drink in this house at Hardwick or where I am till she maye here from hir Majestie, so that for preservation of hir lyfe I am inforced to suffer hir to goe to a house of myne called Oldcotes too myles from hence./ I am wearie of my lyfe, and therefore humbly beseech hir Majestie to have Compassion on me./ and I earnestly praye you to hasten Sir Henry Brounker hither./

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