To the right worshipfull my very good Cosin and frend Sir ffrancis Willoughby. knight at Wollaton/
Good cosin, in respect of the good will I beare you I made offer to my cosin Henry Willoughby for the disbursment of three or fowrre thousand poundes in such sort as he hath signifyed to you. and thoughe of late I haue had very good offers made me of land to be sold yet in respect of my former promis I haue not gyven care therto./ The Land you offer in morgage vppon further lookinge into the matter I fynd to be threescore pound rackt rent, and threescore poundes of old rent, and of the old rent some in lease for lyves. and your mannor of willoughby the principall thinge besydes yat some part of it is in lease for lyfe the whole is in ioynture to my lady Willoughby. So yat for so great a somme I think it not a convenient porcion I know where for less then half this money you assured for more land. yet haue I told my cosin this bearer yat there shalbe three thousand pound pres[en]tly disbursed vppon this land. and yf you be to vse any more vppon further assur[ance] there shalbe more redy for you: I hope you doe assure your self yat I look not for any thinge but for the security of them yat are to disburse this money. your Land I do not desyre. yf I could be assured of your lyff there should not nede any morgage at all to be made but the yongest and healthfullest are subiect to chaunge. My cosin Henry Willoughby will shoe you my mynd at more length./ And so praying god to send you longe lyffe and happy health. I ceass. from chatsworth this viijth of maie .1594.

Your lovinge cosin and assured frend

EShrouesbury / / / /

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