[Address Leaf]
Too the Ryghte
worchoupfulle syre
Iohen thynne
wt spede and all
posybell delygence
from my lady
[Letter Text: Notes]
Syr I am now dreuen to craue your helpe
I haue defaryed the tyme of my
sendynge to you for that I haue
welhopyed tyll now of late that I
shulde haue hade no ocasyon at thys
presente to haue trobellede ^you but now^ so yt ys
that ther ys abyll yn the
parlamente howse agenste me. yt
ys aganarall byll and dothe towche
many. and yt passe yt wyll not
only ondo me and my poore chyldery...
but agreat nomber of hotheres
yt hathe bene twyse rede yn the
lordes howse and thy yt shalbe
brought yn agayne of monday or
tewyesday. so that yt ys thoughte
yt wylbe m wedynnesday or ^thourysday^ tewyesday
or yt be brought yn to the lowar
howse. so that yf yt wolde plese
you to be here at that tyme I
shulde thynke my selfe mouste
bowden to you. and thought I be
nowayes habyll to recompence you
yt dewrynge my lyffe I wyll neuer
be forgotfoulle. the tyme ys so shorte
that I wolde not thus bouldely
haue sente for you onles you myght
haue ^had^ more more tyme, to haue
more prepared your selfe yn. but
that mayster marche wylled me
yn any wysse to yntrete you
[page break]
to come. whyche ys more then becomyth
me. allthynges consedered. I trouste I
shall haue agreat sorte of frendes. yt
wolde I trouste yf you wyll take
the paynes to come I shall
haue many more by your
meanes then. by agreat sorte
of hothers. and so I wyll take
my leue praynge you to bare
wt my rewde later ane yn conn
yn consederynge what atrobeled
ys habyll to do

your pore frende
for euer as I am

E Cauendyssh

yf you be here of fryday
you shall stande me yn
great stede
[Overleaf: Notes]

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