[Address Leaf]
Too the Ryghte
worchouppfull my
uary frende syr
Iohen [deletion] thynne
The Lady Cavendyshe
25 February 1557
[Letter Text: Notes]
Syr I render unto you my mouste harty
thankes for your manyfolde gentelnes
shewed towardes me at all tymes only
of your owne good dysposyon wtout any
cawse mynysteryd on thes behalfe ~
theys be to let you onderstande that
hetherto I haue taken no hurte by the
parlamante yet do I stylle stande yn
great fear and shall do untyll such
tyme as the parlamente ende whych
I wysshe dayly for. the byll hath
as yet been but once redde and y...
so euyll lyked of the howse tha...
trust through the helpe ... such ...
you and other ...
yt shall take small effec... me any
hurt the mater of yt selfe makyth
me mo frendes then I loked for. ...
ther be fewe yn the howse but they
or theyr frendes shulde smart yf
the acte sholde passe mayster marston
hathe shewed hym selfe so frendly
unto me for your sake that more
he could not do yf yt were hys owne
case. I am glade that my lady hath
so well spede I beseche our lorde to
sende you meche commforde of your
younge sone thus beynge allwayes
bolde for to troblell you I bede you mouste
hartely fare well frome london the
xxv of ...ewary

your poore bound fren...

Elyzabeth Cauendyssh
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