To my saruante francys wyttefelde
my ladis letter for my nagges
francy I wyll nott now haue the pourche boched seynge I haue bene att so greatt charges I thynke yet nott materyall yf the batelmente for the sydes be made thys yere or no for I am sure the batelmente mouste be sett oupe after the porche be couered and yf yet be so then wyll yett be dreye and the battylmente may be sett oup att any tyme. the batylment for the teryte wolde deface the wolle pourche for yett ys nether of one begenes moldynge nor of one stone. yett of bothe do I lyke batter the creste beynge of the same stone. I am contented you shall haue the nage comende me to my aunte lynycar fare well francys yn haste as a peryrs the xx of october

your mystrys

E Seyntlo

tyll besse knolles and franke thatt I saye yf they pley ther uergenalles that the are good gerles

I thynke Iames Crompe ys att houll

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