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To the Right worshipfull and
my very good frend Richard
Bagott Esquire/
the Old Contes of Salop
lettres to me §
[Letter Text: Notes]
Mr Bagott, I thank you for yor favor and indifferencie in the matter
touching that lewde workman Tuft whoe hath delt very badly and
lewdly wth me. he vndertoke and Covenaunted to doe great workes for me
and to fynishe the same long since and hath receiued much more then
reason for the same and by absenting himself before the performaunce
thereof hath greatly disappoynted me and hindred my workes. by promise
he is my hyred servant but I referr this matter to you and the rest
of the Iustices wherein what seemeth best in yor discretions I shalbe
very well Content wthall./ so wth my very harty Commendacions I
cease./ Hardwick this xixth of September 1594./

Yor assured loving frend

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