To my assured good Sister. the Lady Kitson at Hengrave/
Henry trauyce to send presently. for the writes; to send to my father.
the old countes of Shrewsberys Letter: to Answer
Good Sister, whereas my sonne william Cavendishe and others entred into certen articles and Covenauntes to my good brother Sir Thomas Kitson and my dere frend Sir Thomas Cornwallys which Co[v]enantes beare date the forth daye of februarie in the three and twentith yere of the Quene, and were for assuraunces of land to be made to my sonne Charles & my daughter Margaret, and bonde likewise at the same time was given by my sonne william and others for performaunce of the saide Covenauntes./ sone after which ...e mariage being had, all Covenauntes were performed, and assuraunce past by lawe accordingly to all our Contentmentes./ notwithstanding the saide wrytinges remayned still in your hand though they were requyred by my sonn william and promised by you and I knowe ment & intended to be delyvered but one occasion or other still diff[e]red it./ therefore good Madam I hartely praye you procure my good brothe[r] to loke vp the saide obligacion and articles of Covenantes and to delyver th[em] to this bearrer./ yf you shoulde not finde them redely (as I think you will) then in the meane time I desire that my good brother Kitson and my good frend Sir Thomas Cornwallis will seale this release which I have sent by this bearrer and delyver it as theyr deed, and whensoever the other wrytinges shalbe founde this release maye be del[yv]e[red] you agayne./ this release neyther is nor can be any ...ayes preiudiciall to Charles. he wilbe at London foure da[yes] before Saint Georges daye, & yf you be the least doubtful ... praye you sende vp on of yours with this bearrer to ... and shewe him the release and you shall knowe his minde and yf you can finde the ...d ... articles then the release needes not but to send them to ... yf you rest not satisfyed vppon this my letter./ I praye [you] remember my very harty Commendacions to my honorable good ... noble ... And so with my kyndest salutacions to your sel and my good brother to whome I wishe all happynes and Contentment I Cease./ from Chatesworth this viijth of aprill 1594

Your louing sistar and asured frend


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