To the Right honorable Sir Robert Cecyll knight principall Secretarie to her Majestie./
1601 Ianuary Countess of Shrewsbury the Elder to my Master
Good Master Secretary, vpon your Comandment & Master vicechamberlaines my sonne this bearer is come vp to attend your pleasure in some matters touching Master Thomas Gerrard who hath exhibited a Complaint to her Majestie supposing some wronges to be offred him by my sonne, but vpon the hearing of the matter, I doubt not but yt will very evidently fall out that my sonne hath and yet doth indure many great wronges, and hath offred him none./ I trust my sonne shall haue redresse thereof (so honorable persons having the matter before them)./ Good Master Secretarie I am sorie that I have had occacion of Late to be so troublesome to you, My hope ys that by your honorable frendshippe to me and favour to Iustice myne shalbe righted aswell in this matter of Master Gerrardes as in the great wronges the Earle of Shrouesbury hath offred them wherin you haue been too often troubled./ You shall greatly binde me vnto you in showing your honorable favour to them. And soe praying god to graunt you longe and happie lyfe I will take my leaue ffrom Hardwick the xviijth of Ianuary 1602

your euer assured Louing frend


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