To the Righte honorable my very good Lord the Lorde Burgley Lord Tresurar of Englande
xj. Aprill. 1591 Countess of Shrewsbury by Sergeant bradshaw
My moste honorable good Lord; your Lordships ould saruante my good frend master Bradshaw coming by me in his retorne toward the cowrte, I mighte not suffare him to pas without my Letters of moste hartye thankes to your Lordship for all your honorable fauors towards me, and withall to segnefye partly to your Lordship how matters now reste betwene the earle of shrousbury and me, which I should haue thoughte fully concluded yf be fore I had not had tryall of his strange and vnkynde dealing; the xjth of marche Laste master markham being sente hether to me from the earle of shrousbury and my daughter for to make offars in respecte of my wedows parte, I tould him yt was in veane for me to enter into taulke with him for that the earle hertofore had refused such articles as he had set downe; whervnto master markham replyed that he had full commetione from the earle to conclude all matters and whatsoeuer he should now set downe he would be bounde the earle should parforme them, so that the xijth of marche Laste ther weare artocles set downe by master markham betwen the earle of shrousbury and me and master markham bounde in syxe thousad pounde that the earle should parform them, before the Laste of marche; the effecte wherof I segnefyed to my solesytor whaley emediatly vpon the conclusyone, and commandid him forthewyth to wayte of your Lordship at your Leasure and to declare the wholl vnto your Lordship which was Longe for slowed by the neclegence of the carryar that stayed my Letters as Whaley hath wrete to me; since master markhams going hence which was the xijth of marche vntyll the viijth of aprell I harde not the Leaste worde from the earle though I contenewally expected before the Laste of marche to haue all mattars parfeted and to reseue both Leade and cattyll according to the agremente; and assurance for the mony to be payde at days sott downe in the articles// the tyme prefexed being paste at the Laste I harde that some strange and nedles quarryls weare intended by the earle to breake of the agremente tho he nether myslyked the same nor days of paymente the some being so smalle in respecte of my dewe that in reason he ys to conclude without any new inventyons, but he hath founde me so forwarde styll in relenting my righte and dew, that this thurd agremente thoughe a tryffell wyll not please him, but that by pretending some other matter he wyll styll seke to brenge me in the ende to nothinge, but yf this goe not forwarde I wylbe Loth to taulke the forte tyme/ what he wyll doe yet resteth vncertine, but as things further shall faule out I wyll presume to segnefye them to your Lordship and I humble beseche your Lordship to beare with this my contenewall bouldnes to troble you, the almighty grante your Lordship all comfortes and a moste happye Longe Lyffe at winfeld this xjth of apryll//

your Lordships and so many ways bounde//


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