[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the right honorable, my very
good Lady, and Grandmother, the
Countesse of Shrewsbury
[Letter Text: Notes]
Good Lady Grandmother, I haue sent yo:r La:p, the endes of my heare
which were cutt the sixt day of the moone, on saterday laste; & with
them, a pott of Gelly, which my seruante made; I pray God you finde
it good. My Aunte Cauendishe was heere on Monday laste, she certified
me, of yo:r La:ps good health, & dispositione, which I pray God longe
to continue. I am in good health, my Cousin Mary hath had three little
fittes of an agew, butt now she is well, and mery. Thus with my
humble duty vnto yo:r La:p & humble thanckes for the token you sent
me laste, and craueinge your dayly blessinge, I humbly Ceasse. Frome
Eims, the .viii. of February. 1587

Yo:r La:ps humble, and obbediente

Arbella Steward

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