Copy of my lord Chancellours lettre to my ould Lady. 1605
After my verie hartie Comendacions vnto your Ladyship whereas it is required on the behalfe of my verie good Lord the Earle of Shrewsbury that your Ladyship might be warned to appeere in the Chancery Quindecimus Michaelis to awnsweare a Bill theare by him exhibited against you. I am at his Lordships instance; to giue you notice thereof by this my lettre according to the maner vsed towardes such persons of honour. praying and requiring your Ladyship herby to take knowledge thereof, and to giue order vnto those whom you imploy in such your causes, for your Ladyships apparaunce, & the putting in of your awnsweare to the said Bill accordinglie, whereof hoping theare shall be no default on your Ladyships part, I bid you right hartely farewell. At Yorkhouse 21:° Junij .1605.

your Ladyships verie loving frend:

T. Ellesmere. Cancellarius

Superscribed To the right honourable the Ladie Elizabeth Countesse dowager of Shrewsbury./

Elizabeth Countess of Shrewsbury Dowager to appeere in Cancellaria quindecimus michaelis

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