To the Righte honorable & good Lady the cowntis of Shrewsberye/
My honorable good Lady, whearas yt pleased yow to Desier me to helpe yow to a Clarke and aporter, but as yet, I can not hear of ani one that is ffite ffor the office of a Clarke/ but for yowr porter, the bearer hearof I take to be a very fitt man, & for whose truethe I dair answeare/ otherwise I would haue been Loothe to write or speake in his behalfe, and I hoope yowr Ladiship shall find him willinge dilligent and redy to please, thus greatlie desiringe to hear of yowr Ladiships well doinge wishinge all thinges to fawle out to yowr Ladiships desier, prainge yow to pardon me that I write not this with my owne hand, ffor that my ffinger continuethe so evell as that I am not able to howld a penn, and soo I commit yowr Ladiship to god ffrom my howse the xxvjth of Ianuary /1592/

Your Ladiships most assured Lovinge Neece / / / / / / / /

Susan Kent

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