To my verie good Lady the Countes of Shrewsbury geve these
My very good Lady I: am bould to recommend to your Lady shippes good furtherannce this berer mistres higgens an ould servant of my Late awntes your predecessor who claymeth a paret from my Lord your husband as by his deed it semeth that he hath granted ye gentlewoman is my kinswoman & to my Iudgment in no such estat but that this grant may much plesure her wherfor my good Lady I estonece request your good Ladyship’s furtherannce in such sort as she may find that I haue recommended her & so resting to requite the plesure that you shall shew her in such sort as occasion may serve me I Leave your Ladyship to god from Newark this 18 of Aprill

Your Ladyship’s most assured to Commaund


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