To the Ryght Worshypfull & hys verye good lady & mysterys the lydy sentlo//
my bownden dewte most humbly remembred plesythe your ladyshyppe to undarstand that my lady Cobham was brought to bede of a son wythe in ij or iij days aftar I wryte to you my lord of huntyngton and my lord darleye crystenyd the same my ladye// marquys lyethe at the cowrt/ my master and master/— controlar Is become frendes thys last weke but they haue kepte but lyttell companye togethurs neuar syns what theye do here aftar your ladyshyp shall undarstand mastar clarke hathe thought good that my mastar shuld haue ij gowns made agenst crystmas whyche Is a nyghtgowne of ueluyt & a short gowne of damaske thus wysshyng your ladyshyp moste prosperys helthe I tacke my leue/ from lundon this xiiij of desembar

your ladyshyppes most bownden saruant//

/ Wylliam Moulso//

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