[Address Leaf]
To the Right honorable S.r Robert
Cecill Knight Principall ~
Secretarie to the Kinges Ma.tie
wth speed speed//
Aprill 13
Countess Dowager of Shrews=
=bury to my m.r
[Letter Text: Notes]
Good m.r Secretarie./ this xiijth of Aprill, I received yo.r letter in the behaulf of my ~
vnnaturall sonne, Henry Cavendishe./ I wishe he had lived so that he were cleyre of
all faultes imputed to him (as in this it seemeth you ar informed or at least, some
woulde make showe he shoulde be./ had it ben so, I wishe I had knowne it soner/
that then I might have taken less greif and care for his and others vndutifull and
vnnaturall dealinges./ I coulde soner be perswaded he were innocent of those matters
lately obiected agaynst him, had I not ben credibly and certenly informed (as I
knowe yo.r self and others that were of hir Ma.ties most honorable Privie Counsell ~
were, of his former acting and dealing in the same matter./ no frend I have should
rather or soner perswade me to doe for him then yo.r self; but I have ben so hardly
and vnnaturally dealt wthall by him and others whoe I take it spetially sought
my overthrowe, and having no likelier meanes then to worke some nere me, little
or not at all before then suspected by me, to ioyne wth them in theyr bad actions.,
that I must crave pardon of you, yf I refuse to doe for those whoe not only in this
matter but in many others have by all possible meanes they coulde, sought to hurt
& hinder me (god I thank him wthout any desert of my part./ So good m.r Secretarie
wishing you all honor and happynes I Cease./ ffrom Hardwick this
xiijth of Aprill 1603./

yo.r assured ffaythfull ffrend./


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