To the r[ight] [ho]nourable my uer[y] ... Lord and frend ... Lord Burghley Lord Tresorer of England
23 September 1578 The Countesse of Shrewsbury to my Lord from Chateswoorth
My uery good lord and dere frend whome I haue allweys found my self specyally beholding to./ I can not refreyne but signifie unto your Lordship the comforte I am in hope shortly to reseue by being in hir majesties presence. for my Lord is now determined of my comming uery shortly to court./ I am lykewyse glad with all my hert yat I shall se your Lordship my Lady Burgley and my Lard Oxforde: I can not render unto your Lordship sufficient thanks for your goodnes towards my doughter Lennox and my poore Arbella. And thus with my uery herty commendaciones I take my leue of your Lordship/ Chattesworthe the xxiij of September.

your Lordship's moust assuryed


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