To the Righte honorable my verry good Lorde the Lord Burghley Lord Treasoror of England/
28 Ianuary 1581. The Countesse of Shrowesbury to my Lord

That ye yonge Lady Arbella, may haue yat land yat ye late Countesse hir mother had assigned hir.
My honorable good Lord your Lordship hath harde by my Lord howe it hathe pleased god to visit me but in what sorte soeuer his pleasure is to laye his hevye hande on vs we muste take ytt thankefullie It is good reason his hollye will should be obeyed, My honorable good Lord I shall not nede here to make longe resitall to your Lordship howe that in all my greatest matters I haue bene sigularelie bounde to your Lordship for your Lordship's good and especiall favour to me and howe muche your Lordship did bynde me the pare woman that is gone and my swete Iuell Arbella att our laste beinge at Courte, neither the mother duringe her Lyffe nor I can ever forgett but most thankefullie acknowledge Itt And so I am well assured will the yonge Babe when her Ryper yeres will suffer her to knowe her beste frendes, And nowe my good Lord I hope her Majestie vpon my moste humble suitt will lett that portion whiche her Majestie bestowed on my doughter and Iuell Arbella remayne wholie to the Childe for her better education her seruantes that are to loke to her, her Masters that are to trayne her vpp in all good Learninge and vertue will require no small charges, wherefore my earneste request to your Lordship ys so to recomend this my humble suitt to her Majestie as ytt maie sonest & easiliest take effect, And I beseche your Lordship to gyve my sonne William Cavendishe leave to attend on your Lordship about this matter, And so referringe my self my swete Iuell Arbella and the whole matter to your honorable and frendlie consideracion I take my leave of your Lordship besechinge your Lordship to pardon me for that I am not able nowe to wryte to your Lordship with my owne hande Sheffeild this xxviijth of Ianuarye/

your Lordship's most assury[d] louynge frend


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