[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my la my Mother
in law ye Countesse of

To my la my Mother.
[Letter Text: Notes]
I am loathe to lett passe any fitt messenger, wthout visiting your
la, wth my lettres; and being desirous to heare of your health,
do the oftener send to enquier of the same. At this present
I am to craue your furtheraunce, bothe to my lo, my father,
(whom least I should any waies displease) am loathe my self to
moue, and to this bearer my Brother Savile, who dothe referr
his consent, till he knowe my lo, pleasure therin; that they
will agree, that my sister marie, who is no smale compforte
vnto me, maie staie here to goo this sommer into Walles
wth me. herein your la, shall verie muche pleasure me,
wherof as sondrie other your curtesies, you shall find,
I will neuer be vnmyndfull. Thus my humble deutie
remembred wth like commendacions to your la,, do even
so take my leaue. Ramesburie this xxiijth of marche 1574/

/ / /

Your la. ^assured^ loving daughter.

K Pembrok

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