To syr Thomas Cornewal[les]
After my very hartie Comendacions I wold right gladly haue seen you at my howse as we had appoynted where you shuld haue byn as welcome as to any your best frend, but am hartely sory for the occasion of your so soden alteracion aswell in respect of your grief as of the greate losse my sonne Charles Cavendishe hath of so good & lovinge a wife, a rare & precious Iewell, and as there was betwixt them a most faithfull knott of mutuall love wherby with his good & dutyfull behavior your good likinge & hartie affection (as I hard) was so grounded towardes hym as I doubte not but you will contynue the same in as benificiall soerte every waye & asmoche to his comoditie, as yat by her life might haue come to hym. And consideringe the greate care & chardes of his parentes for that matche, and that Sir Thomas Kytson hathe nowe but one doughter, and none els neare vnto hym, I assure my selfe by your good meanes he will make accompte of hym as his owne child and even so deale with hym./ I haue alwayes had so good likinge of hym as I hold hym no lesse deare then one of my owne and even so haue care of hym, and therfore moste hartely crave your goodnes hym and what frendship I maye any wise do you or any of yours you shall fynde yt assuredly as you wold wishe/ And so I comyt you to god.

July .xv°./ 1582

To Sir Thomas Cornwallis.

good Iuyll I pray you take payns to wryt out thes towe with your owne hand

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