[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Ryght honorable my
very good Ladye the
Countes of Shrewsburye
[Letter Text: Notes]
May yt please yor Right honorable Ladyshyppe I haue receyved yor Lettre
tuchynge the Landes I latelye purchased of therle of Lecestre, sometymes
parcell of the Monasterye of Croxton/ wch dyd coste me xvjli in redye money
as Mr Iohn dudley knoweth to whose handes I payde the money for the
Erles vse; over & besydes xx ...yde for makynge thassurances/ the
tytle conserneth nothinge my Coseyne George foliambe but that yt pleaseth
hys wyffe to deale wth that neyther he nor she hath anye wayes to deale
wthall/ neyther is he of any kinred vnto you/ ytt ys myne enheritance
and he hath no tytle therto, for yf eny haue ynterest therin yt ys a
bastard wch my late Coseyne Godfrey ffoliam dyd geve his landes in Wygley
vnto/ Wherfor I byesyeche yor Lad...pe to haue consyderacon to my
lawfull interest/ I am not wyllinge to ... althoghe the bastarde would...
geve me fortye powndes in redye mon... for ytt/ I dyd not purchas...
vnto that end/ nor I do not knowe any reason to Leade me for to ...
eny landes and sell ytt agayne for thalffe money I payed yor L ...
to greatt experyens in the lyke/ but I do assewer myselff my Coseyn ...
ffoliambes wyffes so hath so enformed you/ vnto whome I besyeche ...
geve no further creditt then she wurthelye deservethe/ ffor the mat...
betwene Mr Pierponnt & me, I fynde he hath prevented me for ...
fully reysolved to haue compleyned vnto you of his open wron...
dysordered ...nge/ Assewrynge yor LL I haue done ...
...red me to do dyvers tymes, as my ...
...th dyverse others of as good callyng ...
... to haue his tytle dewlye consydered eyther by or
cown... or other wayes, I wyll har hartely thanke hym
for the same, so as ytt meybe ordered before michaelmes next, And that
in the meane tyme my pore tenantes mey quyetlye enioye theyre
comons, for god defend that I showld so assent to satysfye hys gredynes
in Leaving my possession that a great nomber of pore men aswell hys
tenantes as my tenantes and many freholders there haue quyetlye
enioyed from the begynnynge/ And for myselff I haue had it xxxiiij yere
wthowte contradycsyon So do prey god longe to contynewe yor happye
dayes in health wth encrease of honowre./ Sutton thys viijth of Apryll

att yor comandment

~ Fr Leek

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