[Address Leaf: Notes]
My ow...

To ye. R.
W. Lady StLowe
[Letter Text: Notes]
We travaile good madame in yor
matters to all yor instructions wt
souche saving suertye and order
as yor frendes pore wittes can
devyse/ I am glad you are
in healthe, and I trust the sight
of yor nere fynyshingyd building will
contyneue yt/ Sr Wm Stlow
must now tarry bye yt, to Render
his [deletion] Credit of negligent
wayting/ It will stand you
in hande to forbeare him more
then you have, that bye keaping
his Credit and acquaintance
he may a lyttle euery yeare
further his state wt som litte
suyte/ commend me to my
frende, yet I forbeare for
lacke of leasure to write
and send to her/ and salute
yor Sister and hr. knifton
wt thankes for my Cheare
an other tyme more
at large writen the xxij
of October 1564

Yor owne assured
and Sr Wm St Lowes

Rct. ...

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