[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lady./
[Letter Text: Notes]
May it please your Lap: I thought to
have taken my way to Sheffylde of monday
monday last, but of satterday nyght I
was surprised by the gout soe as of sonday
I coulde not remove but as I was carried
but ^yett^ I thanke god it went esily away, but
yett ^but^ I durst not travell without some
pause for stirringe of humors; and therfor
before my goinge ^(wich I intend to be of monday next)^ I desier to vnderstande
of your Lap: good health ^for^ wich we dayly
pray for, as we are most bound that it may
be longe and happy./ I vnderstand my lo:
of Shr: hath bin more sharply handeled with
the gout but now is at good ease./ Soe humbly
beceachinge your Lap: dayly blesinge to me
and myn I humbly cease welbeck this
vj of November

your Lap: most humble and
obedient sonn./
[significant space]

Cha: Cavendysshe: ~

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