To my servaunt Thomas Bawdewin
Bawdewine I haue receiued your lettres and according to your desire therein haue sent you the Counterpaine of Whitakers lease the note vnder Master Andersons hand and the Copie of William Beckwithes Conveyaunce I sent your lettre to my brother Iohn Manners who hath written agein, you shall receiue his lettre herewith/ Blytheman is agreed with all and therefore the proces sent downe is Lost ffor tharrerages you write of greyhoundes. I would haue you looke to yt and to deale with my Lord Treasorer and so to take order for yt./ ffor the Conveyaunce for Wildemore I will send to Richard Cooke but I thinke yt will be the next terme before you can do any thing in yt more than is doone// Yf yt shall be thought good by my Counsell that there shall be any Comissions of Chosen for Woolland and ffrauncis Leake, Thomas Knyston of Mirraston , Sir Anthony Gell Master Secheverell of Morley of Darbyshire, ffor Nottingham shire/ Brian Lasselles Master Dabbescourt, Iustices of peace; Master Mason Of theis, exepte they dislyke of darbishire men to be Commissioners I thinke that Master Gell and Master Secheverell of Morley are the fittest, but yf they be disliked or exeptions taken agenist them then you may make choise of two or three of the other whome you thinke good. And for my offer of a thousand markes to my Lady Mountegle I neuer made any such offer neyther meane I to do, but Let hir take hir thirdes as they shall fall ffor Master Winters matter looke as well to yt as you can I haue allready written (as you know) to my Lord Chancellour for the stay thereof, I pray make your retourne as spedie as you can out of ffraunce, because you haue begonne in sondry theis Causes I would haue you to end them (which will lye a slepe till you Come agein Commend me to my boies & will them to applie their studies & they shall want nothinge God blesse them./ Sheffeld this viijth of ffebruary 1581

Your Lord & Master

George Shrewsbury

I wold have you before your departure Remembar my sute yett consyderenge hur majeste is gone I can nott see how you can do it/ / / / you must of the money that you take ordar by my derecsyon to lett the boyes have Ich of them xli as gyven them by my wyfes Requeste/ /

I prey god to blesse them bothe


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