To my Lady
I most humbly thanke your Ladyship for your leter from Master Cavendyssh whych I haue returned by thys berer it is the greatest comfort can cum to me to hear he is so well passed so far; of hys longe and dangerus iurnay: at the end wher of I trust in god he is by thys tym; for by anott he left wyth me at hys goinge of hys days iurnays: wherin he hath altered but on day as apper reth by hys letters he was at constantinople the xx of thys month; from whych I besech; almyghty god send hym short and safe return to your Ladyshyps comfort and myn chefly; thus most humbly craueinge pardon for my bould wrytinge thus much vnto your honor of hys iurney whych cannot on day escape me wythout account of hys iurnays I humbly take my leue wyth lyke desier of your Ladyship's dayly blessinge and my prayer for your Ladyship's helth and comfort from dowbridge hoult thys 27 of Iune

your ladyship's most humble and obedyent daughte[r]

Grace Cavendysshe

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