[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the most Honorable
La: the Countesse
of Shresbury dougier
[Letter Text: Notes]
My most Honorable good La: this bearer
my survnte Lassels hath promised to deliuer
this Lettre vnto your Honor I thinke my Lo:
Candish your acquaynteth you with all the
parlament newes It is very ioyfull mat=
ter to see how well the kinge his Lords
and commons doe agree togeether in one
this parlament and all agaynst thie
papistes the kinge offered his medita=
tions to the house as his matie called them
the Lords they drue a bill and the Com
mons an other and these 3 bills wer all
on in effect to haue some seuere execu
tion vppon the preists and recusants
for the Late executions of the traytors
I am suer your Honor hath hard how
they died Ther was but 2 of the 8
that would freely confesse ther fact
to be a sinne agaynst god/ It is
thought that the Lords shall not be
arrayned but only brought into the
starre chamber Ther are diuerse
Iesuites and preestes Lately taken
on speciall man that is the prouin=
ciall of the Iesuites and hath his hand
farre in this action which they call
Garnet or Walley the kinge is very
glad of his apprehension for he is the
most dangerous man to this state that
liueth His matie goeth comonly to
Hampton Court at the beginninge of
the weeke and tarieth ther till the
Latter end of the weeke I am alwayes
with his matie in these iorneys which
maketh mei that I can not write so
often to your Honor as I would

Thus with my humble duty to your
Honor I take my leaue Courte
this 10 of februarye 1605
your Honors most faythfull frend

Iames Mountagu

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